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Tumblr Introduces New Privacy Feature

Tumblr Now Lets You Hide Your Blog from the Internet

This week, Tumblr introduced a new privacy feature that will allow users to keep their posts from being seen by the internet. Content can only be viewed on Tumblr.com and in its native mobile apps and will drive additional users to the site, making delivering targeted advertising easier.

Facebook Redesigns Mobile Profiles

With 4 billion views a day, Facebook profiles continue to be a popular piece of the platform. Now, mobile profiles are facing a redesign that will showcase more of what friends want to see versus wha…

Facebook Adds Support for 360-degree Videos

Facebook Adds Support for 360-degree Videos

This week, Facebook announced that it will begin adding 360-degree videos into its news feed. This type of content enables users to interact with the video and see everything that is going on around them within a 360-degree radius. The videos will be available on the web and Android apps first, with roll outs to iOS apps at a later date.

Periscope Turns Screenshotting into a Social Experience

Periscope’s version of a “retweet” is operational. The updated app now allows viewers to post screenshots taken during a particula…

5 Takeaways from Dreamforce 2015 (Friday5)

Dreamforce marks the point in time each year when nearly 170,000 marketers, sales professionals and technologists descend upon San Francisco to learn more about the trends, products and solutions that are shaping the future of business for the next year and beyond. Keynotes and sessions were dominated this year by how that the Internet of Things is changing the ways in which we operate and communicate.

Platforms are integrating, the cloud is connecting data and systems, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is fueling an “intelligence revolution.” These changes have some key i…

Twitter Debuts Its Custom Emojis

Twitter’s Custom Emojis Make Their Debut as an Ad Unit With #ShareACoke

This week, Twitter introduced a custom emoji that functions as an ad unit via Coca-Cola. When users tweet #ShareACoke, an emoji featuring two glass Coke bottles clinking appears in their post. To date, Twitter only utilized custom emojis in real-time for special events, such as the upcoming Star Wars movie and the VMAs. Twitter is testing this campaign with metrics including engagement, sentiment adoption, and total reach and, will then determine its future as a widespread ad option for other brands.

Letting Creativity Inspire Your Instagram Story (Friday5)

In recent years, the increase in popularity of visually oriented online services such as Instagram have paved the way for brands to exhibit new kinds of visual creativity. Though the latest updates allow users to think outside the box (literally – Instagram’s latest update now supports landscape and portrait images), the creative use of the service can help distinguish content even further and add new life to an Instagram page. Especially with the recent rollout of Instagram ad availability, it’s more important than ever for brands to distinguish themselves in a crowded ne…

Instagram Opens Ads to All Brands

Instagram Makes Ads Available to Brands of All Sizes

Brands, both large and small, now have the freedom to run paid Instagram campaigns. The social network has made it easier for advertisers to target their messages more effectively and reach people based on their specific interests. With Instagram’s recent updates around landscape photos and videos, video ads and marquees, brands are now in a stronger position than ever before to utilize the platform in their marketing efforts.

Your Back-to-School Pinterest Checklist

Pinterest’s Business Blog posted a quick checkli…

Digital Storytelling Trends for Global Brands (Friday5)

For multinational organizations, telling globally relevant stories is as much a study in consumer behavior as it is in reporting. Implicit in the trend, particularly in the digital age, is a shift towards concise, salient narratives. By their very nature, global brands have a wealth of international content to pull from and are best served highlighting these stories to engage with audiences online.

Here are five ways brands are leveraging international stories to craft compelling content:

1. Employee Spotlights

Personalizing your Corporate Brand is Like an Award Show (Friday5)

This past weekend, millions of viewers tuned into the VMAs and even more tweeted about it. While many of us were actually interested in finding out who won Video of the Year, the show proves to be about more than just the awards. Instead, it’s about the experience provided for fans—celebrity interviews, musical performances and usually even a few bizarre moments. All of these components tied together are what make the show entertaining and help viewers feel like they’re part of the event, while also giving people something to talk about online.

In many ways, this is sim…

Instagram Now Supports Landscape and Portrait Photos

The latest and greatest digital news updates.

Think Outside the Box: Instagram Lets You Go Landscape, Portrait

Instagram announced a new update that will allow the app to support landscape and portrait photos. The update is designed to help users post photos that don’t normally fit into the Instagram box shape by tapping on the format icon and adjusting the options to fit portrait or landscape images. This will allow users to fit a “full” image into an Instagram post without having to crop the image or create a border. Within the profile grid, they will still appear …

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