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Digital Dice: “Look Back” Video Shares

Enjoy the post-holiday weekend edition of Digital Dice!

Facebook ‘Look Back’ Videos Shared Almost 100 Million Times

To celebrate Facebook’s 10 year anniversary, millions of users downloaded a “look back” video that highlighted top moments over the past 10 years from their Facebook pages. Nearly 200 million users watched their custom videos and roughly half of these users shared it with friends. Other social networks are beginning to offer “year in review” videos and graphics as well, further emphasizing that social media users enjoy taking a trip down memory lan…

Friday5: Ways to Improve Brainstorm Sessions

Across our network, Edelman’s employees engage in brainstorm sessions in order to generate and perfect ideas that come to fruition as activations. These ideas also express to our clients the power of the firm’s collective mind, a criteria by which all agencies are constantly measured. With the understanding that we are judged on the power, potential and polish of our ideas, there are ways to improve the process that leads us to them. Based on research in cognitive psychology as it applies to creative theory, here are five short ways to improve your next brainstorm session to…

What Do Doors Have To Do With UX?

By the time we can talk, people have an intuitive understanding of how to interact with an object based on how it looks and feels. This is called affordance. Knobs afford turning, levers afford swinging, handles afford gripping, and buttons afford pushing. To better understand affordance and its role in UX and UI design, let’s take a look at one of the most common interfaces in the physical world: doors.

Well, what do doors have to do with UX?

People interact with doors dozens of times a day; they are unavoidable obstacles that allow us to navigate between spaces. Do…

Digital Dice: Instagram Payments and a Location Deal

Pinterest’s mobile site redesign, an interesting look into Facebook use by gender and more of the latest digital updates of the week.

75% of Pinterest Traffic Comes from Apps, Triggers Mobile Site Redesign

Pinterest has announced a “complete rewrite and redesign” of its mobile website, which will more closely align with their native mobile app and desktop version. While many of the changes appear to be on the back end, the redesign adds the “more useful pins” (embedded with additional information) and “related pins” (personalized suggestion) functions to the …

Friday5: A Play-By-Play Guide for Real-Time Content Creation

Edelman Digital played a large role in activating real-time social content during America’s Big Football Game this past weekend. From war rooms to real-time monitoring and reporting, we had a hand in key brands’ social conversations.

Joining the “social media bowl” was both challenging and rewarding, but most importantly, it made sense for our clients’ brands. Remember that not every brand should be present and active for every big cultural event – instead, brands must evaluate whether they have the right and the dedicated resources to play in the realm of real-tim…

Digital Dice: Paper and Chatter and Twitter’s Data Turf

Twitter improves mobile photo editing options, Pinterest introduces a new Interests feature and more of the latest digital news of the week.

Twitter Improves Their Mobile App’s Photo Editing Options

This week Twitter improved their photo editing option for both iPhone and Android. The update offers new options to edit photos, including new filters, cropping and rotating. Additionally, users can now select existing tweets and reply with a photo, as well as easily mention other users when adding a photo. The updates come as Twitter begins to put a stronger emphasis on …

Friday5: Top 5 Podcasts for PR Professionals

PR professionals, especially those in a metropolitan area, spend much of their day in transit. In addition to the daily commute, we are often called upon to travel near and far on any given day. Whether in the car, riding public transportation or hoofing it the old-fashioned way, podcasts provide an invaluable opportunity for a PR professional to capitalize on this transit time by staying current on an industry that is constantly evolving.

Here’s a list of five podcasts that should be in your weekly download. There are plenty of other valuable podcasts out there – ones th…

5 Tips for Creating Social Content That Stands Out

This post was originally published on edelman.ca.

I’m not going to start this post by listing out how many tweets, Facebook messages, YouTube videos, etc are transmitted every second. That wouldn’t be showing up differently. We all know it’s a heck of a lot. That’s why it’s imperative to make sure your social content stays fresh and is differentiated. Below are some methods that help me show up differently.

Show up differently. Literally.
Say it with me: I will not wish my community a happy first day of spring (unless you’re writing for a gardening client, in …

Digital Dice: Pinterest GIFs and Twitter Card Analytics

Twitter launches card analytics, Pinterest experiments with GIFs and more of the latest social news of the week.

Twitter Launches Card Analytics to Let Publishers Monitor Impressions, Clicks and More

Twitter is opening up part of their firewall and allowing content creators to dig into analytics for post optimization. In a blog post this week, the social network launched analytics for Twitter Cards. This new dashboard will allow brands and publishers to see clicks, app installs and mentions by other users, in addition to their standard analytics offerings.


Friday5: 5 Reasons to Keep an Eye on Jelly in 2014

Earlier this month a new app was launched called Jelly, a sort of lovechild between Snapchat and Quora. Jelly is an image-based Q&A app that crowdsources answers from your social networks. Created by digital entrepreneurs Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, and designer Ben Finkel, this app has the potential to change how consumers use search. In our effort to stay ahead of the ever-advancing curve in the digital landscape here are five reasons to keep an eye on Jelly.

1. It’s Crowdsourcing on the Go, to the Max

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