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Friday5: Tips for Building a Fatigue-Free Content Strategy

My first days as a community manager seemed simple. I was excited by the ostensibly endless sources of new content. Each morning I was a woman on a mission, clicking around the web and hot on the trails for engaging content.

I quickly learned, though, that keeping content fresh isn’t always that effortless. With today’s incessant demand for content – and pressures to create real-time content across numerous channels – it can be easy to fall victim to content churn. Having an efficient content strategy is one way to guard against this. Below are five tips for building …

Pinterest Promoted Pins: What You Need To Know

Pinterest announced that they will be rolling out promoted pins with a select group of partners, including Kraft and GAP.  Pinterest ads have certainly been one of the platform’s most anticipated features since they were first mentioned last fall. With speculated price tags for platform ads hovering between $1 and $2 million, we were aware brands with much larger paid budgets would be the first to experience promoted pins on the platform.

In order to keep promoted pins as relevant as possible and ensure a seamless experience for the user, Pinterest will be taking a ”Con…

Digital Dice: The Rise of Sadvertising and New Facebook Video Analytics

The rise of sadvertising, Facebook’s new video analytics offering and more of the latest digital news of the week.

The Rise of Sadvertising: Why Brands Are Determined to Make You Cry

Brands are aiming for the heart with sadvertising, a common advertising technique using emotional appeal to engage audiences. Where comedy used to be the driving force for virality, videos promising a good cry are filling up social news feeds. Fast Company shares a roundup of ‘sadvertisements’ that you won’t want to miss.

Facebook Debuts New Video Analytics: Why It Matters to Brands…

Friday5: Digital Marketing from East to West

As one of Edelman’s Global Fellows from Vietnam, now working in the Chicago office, I have a chance to see how the different cultures of Eastern and Western countries lead to different online behaviors, strategies and approaches. Here are the five major differences and similarities I’ve noticed in digital marketing between East and West cultures.

1. Social Platforms

American online consumers are everywhere. They share photos on Instagram, update news with Twitter, connect with their friends on Facebook, f…

Foursquare to spin off new app Swarm

There’s been a lot of buzz from the Foursquare hive as they recently announced plans to unbundle the location-based service into two separate mobile apps – one that provides recommendations and another that acts as a “social heat map”.

The new app, Swarm, will help users find friends nearby and check in to share their location, with the social aspect of the previous app at its core.  On the other side, Foursquare will be redesigning its core app from the ground up.

Founder Dennis Crowley told TechCrunch that Swarm takes a lot of inspiration from Instant Messenger,…

Marketing Trends in Chicago and São Paulo

This post was originally published on Edelman.com.

As I prepare for my move to São Paulo, I have been researching the changing landscape of the Brazilian digital market. To help build a reference point for me, I asked some of my Chicago colleagues what trends have their attention this year. I also asked some of my new team members what they are focusing on.

São Paulo: With more access to different forms of content, Brazilians are embracing social and digital platforms to connect with each other and improve their lives. For marketers, especially from the global perspecti…

Friday5: Vine’s New Messaging Feature

Vine’s recent update saw the introduction of video messaging as a key feature. Media commentators naturally drew comparisons with Instagram Direct, which allows Instagram users to privately share images with up to 15 people rather than all followers. However, this is much more than Twitter’s Vine ”keeping up with the Joneses.” Here are five reasons Vine’s introduction of video messages are indicative of bigger things to come:

1. Enables Twitter to Experiment in a Silo

With the introduction of messag…

How to Learn Enough Code to be Dangerous

When I was little, I wanted to build computers. After my first encounter with calculus in high school, I quickly realized that I might need to explore other options if I ever wanted to move out of my parents’ house. Here I am five years later as Technical Project Manager in Edelman’s Digital Development and Technology group in Washington DC and I get to work with some of the smartest people I’ve ever met on a daily basis. We build websites, apps, and sometimes even social machines. How did I get here? I learned to code. Kind of.

Before joining Edeman, I worked at a te…

Digital Dice: Facebook Launches Newswire

Facebook launches FB Newswire for breaking news, tech startup to deep dive into visual analytics offerings and more of the latest digital news of the week.

Facebook Launches a Newswire to Surface More Breaking News

On Thursday, Facebook launched FB Newswire, a resource designed to make it easier to find, share and embed original, newsworthy content sourced directly from within Facebook. FB Newswire will share first-person photos, videos, and status updates “from the front lines of newsworthy events around the world.” This content will all be verified by Storyful, an ag…

Pinterest Breaks New Ground with Guided Search

As many long time Pinterest users know, search capabilities on Pinterest have been an area of interest and question, and Pinterest is taking their first major leap into the arena with a new feature announced today called guided search.  With exploration at the forefront, they are introducing this feature as a way to guide a user’s time spent on Pinterest. By searching for specific categories, whether it be travel, books, food, or anything else –  they will help direct users towards specific pins of interest.  As they roll out this feature out, only available on the Pintere…

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