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Instagram Opens Ads to All Brands

Instagram Makes Ads Available to Brands of All Sizes

Brands, both large and small, now have the freedom to run paid Instagram campaigns. The social network has made it easier for advertisers to target their messages more effectively and reach people based on their specific interests. With Instagram’s recent updates around landscape photos and videos, video ads and marquees, brands are now in a stronger position than ever before to utilize the platform in their marketing efforts.

Your Back-to-School Pinterest Checklist

Pinterest’s Business Blog posted a quick checkli…

Digital Storytelling Trends for Global Brands (Friday5)

For multinational organizations, telling globally relevant stories is as much a study in consumer behavior as it is in reporting. Implicit in the trend, particularly in the digital age, is a shift towards concise, salient narratives. By their very nature, global brands have a wealth of international content to pull from and are best served highlighting these stories to engage with audiences online.

Here are five ways brands are leveraging international stories to craft compelling content:

1. Employee Spotlights

Personalizing your Corporate Brand is Like an Award Show (Friday5)

This past weekend, millions of viewers tuned into the VMAs and even more tweeted about it. While many of us were actually interested in finding out who won Video of the Year, the show proves to be about more than just the awards. Instead, it’s about the experience provided for fans—celebrity interviews, musical performances and usually even a few bizarre moments. All of these components tied together are what make the show entertaining and help viewers feel like they’re part of the event, while also giving people something to talk about online.

In many ways, this is sim…

Instagram Now Supports Landscape and Portrait Photos

The latest and greatest digital news updates.

Think Outside the Box: Instagram Lets You Go Landscape, Portrait

Instagram announced a new update that will allow the app to support landscape and portrait photos. The update is designed to help users post photos that don’t normally fit into the Instagram box shape by tapping on the format icon and adjusting the options to fit portrait or landscape images. This will allow users to fit a “full” image into an Instagram post without having to crop the image or create a border. Within the profile grid, they will still appear …

New Ways to Optimize for Google Search (Friday5)

Google is smart. It knows what users are searching for and which process they go through to find search results. As the Google algorithm is constantly evolving, it is better at understanding user search intent, and in turn, prioritizing content engagement more than ever before.

As we advise clients on how to design online content for their websites, we need to help them understand how to optimize that content for search engines helping them drive more traffic to their content. Traditionally, this optimization focused on variables such as keyword targeting, anchor text, meta d…

Twitter Offers Promoted Tweets and Videos Beyond Platform

The latest and greatest digital news updates.

Twitter to Offer Promoted Tweets, Videos Beyond Twitter

Marketers can run Promoted Tweets and Promoted Videos on other mobile apps outside of Twitter. Until now, this functionality was only for mobile app-install ads. With the recent update, promoted tweets and videos will appear via publisher apps such as Slack Radio, Words with Friends 2, The Voice, and Weather Plus.

Facebook Experiment Suggests It’s Going After Medium

Facebook is testing a refreshed design within its largely-ignored “Notes” section. Within the test…

5 Things You Should be Thinking about for SXSW 2016 (Friday5)

If your brand is considering a presence at SXSW next March, believe it or not, now is the time to start planning.

Here are five things to consider:

1. Think about SXSW early and often

Sure, SXSW is 202 days away. But hotels are already getting sold out and travel is being planned. The point is that now is the time to start thinking about your plan and activation, looking into venues and developing your strategy.

2. There are more places than ever to plug in

Pinterest Releases New “Liftwords” System

The latest and greatest digital news updates.

Pinterest’s New “Liftwords” System Sets it Apart From Other Social Platforms

Pinterest-marketing firm Ahology recently developed a “Liftwords” system that helps the platform perform “more like search than social media.” As users often consult Pinterest with shopping or usage queries, the content has a much longer shelf life than on networks like Facebook or Twitter, and keywords play an important role in content discovery. The new “Liftwords” system analyzes trending words and phrases by product or service and…

Facebook Introduces Customer Service Features for Businesses

The latest and greatest digital news updates.

Facebook Wants Your Complaints About Businesses

Facebook will soon launch a “Send Message” button directly into ads to bolster the platform as a space for customer service. Businesses can also deal with disgruntled customers via a personal chat, instead of on their main page where other fans can see the dialogue. Page admins can open up a new window, which will include a link to the customer’s comment for reference and deal with the complaint in private. Once the business responds, the customer’s original comment will displ…

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