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Friday5: Keep Your Eyes on Instagram This Year

Since its acquisition by Facebook nearly two years ago, Instagram has been making big waves in social media. The mobile photo and video-sharing social network has over 150 million users. With the relatively recent addition of its 15-second video sharing capabilities and introduction of paid media, Instagram is fast becoming a viable way to connect with young consumers. Based on these improvements from last year, here are some good reasons to keep an eye on this platform.

1. The Fastest Growing Social Network

Friday5: How to Create Real-Time Content

Real-time content—it’s all the rage. For brands, creating content that is timely, prominent and relevant can potentially yield higher engagement, more positive sentiment and help spur organic community growth.

At Edelman, we call this process the Creative Newsroom. While you likely know why we create real-time content, perhaps it’s time to explore the “how?”

1. Research

It’s important to identify not only trends, but topics and themes that are relevant with your online communities. A social aud…

Contextualizing Stories: Key Takeaways from xPotomac 2014

Context is key to successful storytelling, no matter the industry.

This was a core theme at the recent xPotomac conference – an intimate digital gathering in DC focused on the media technologies most likely to impact businesses and marketing.

It’s clear that our world is changing; wearable technology revenue is expected to hit $19 billion in the next four years; the sensors both on and around us are increasing exponentially, and 42 percent of online adults now use social media.  All of this leads to a treasure trove of actionable data that companies can use to persona…

People First: Understanding Personas

Personas are a great way to help understand your audience and are important for developing better marketing campaigns. They help create an in-depth understanding of consumers, which leads to more effective campaigns, more relevant content and more consumer-centric experiences. However, many articles about this topic don’t address how you get there and why it matters. Personas are hypothetical archetypes based on research that represent real consumers and can be used in many different ways:

To figure out how to create a communications plan that speaks to multiple segments

Friday5: Five Ways to Inspire Action

The world is full of armchair advocates. We all know them. They’re the ones who click “Like” on your Facebook page, sign up for your email list or follow you on Twitter, but never actually do anything substantive after taking that initial action. When executing national advocacy campaigns, they’re the bane of any grassroots organizer’s existence – but they don’t have to be.

Getting these advocates mobilized is no easy task, but at Edelman we know a thing or two about converting that lazy advocate into a powerful voice for the client. Based on our experience, her…

Friday5: Why Create Real-Time Content?

By now, we know that real-time content is not only important for a brand looking to join a social conversation or trend, but also imperative for successful storytelling. But real-time content doesn’t mean simply tweeting about anything and everything in the news. Making sure topics align with a brand’s short-and-long-term narrative is crucial in making a connection to the effective, real-time content.

Our work in developing the Creative Newsroom has taught us the pillars of success: content that is timely, prominent, relevant and recognizable. And yet sometimes,…

Three Ways Twitter Chats Can Help Build Your Technology Brand

This post was originally published on Edelman.com.

Recently, Twitter chats – also called tweet chats and Twitter parties – have grown in popularity. They enable engagement in real time with mass audiences on diverse trending topics like health care, the economy, parenting and travel.

Twitter chats appear spontaneous but are typically pre-arranged. They include a predefined hashtag that links tweets together to form a virtual conversation.

The appeal of a Twitter chat is its ability to reach niche audiences. For this reason, technology organizations are using Twitter…

Digital Dice: Surfing the Snapchat Wave

Surfing organization rides the Snapchat wave, the six types of Twitter conversation and more of the latest digital news of the week.

Surfing Organization Rides the Snapchat Wave

As Snapchat continues to gain popularity, some brands have been slower than others to leverage the app. The Association of Surfing Professionals, however, is riding its crest. The Association activates several strategies to engage with its ever-increasing fan base, including real-time updates on big swells and renowned competitions. In addition to using athletes all over the world to document major…

Friday5: Is Your Competitor Using Paid?

It’s well-known that social media for brands—especially on Facebook—is now a pay-to-play platform. Only a small percentage of fans on Facebook will see a brand’s great content without paid support. Therefore, benchmarking your brand’s content performance against a competitor without understanding the impact of paid support can lead to a misguided Facebook strategy. Below are a few evaluations you can use to better understand if a competitor is using paid media, using Facebook as our primary example.

1. What is the Gap in Performance Between Top Posts vs. Average…

Digital Dice: “Look Back” Video Shares

Enjoy the post-holiday weekend edition of Digital Dice!

Facebook ‘Look Back’ Videos Shared Almost 100 Million Times

To celebrate Facebook’s 10 year anniversary, millions of users downloaded a “look back” video that highlighted top moments over the past 10 years from their Facebook pages. Nearly 200 million users watched their custom videos and roughly half of these users shared it with friends. Other social networks are beginning to offer “year in review” videos and graphics as well, further emphasizing that social media users enjoy taking a trip down memory lan…

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