9 Indicators of Social Business Transformation: Process & Governance

This post was originally published on Michael Brito’s blog Britopian.

Back in May, I wrote about the 8 Cultural Indicators of Social Business Transformation; and while I believe that culture is what drives this evolution, process also plays a critical role. Here are 9 process and governance indicators that will help you understand if your organization is on the right track:

The establishment of a Social Business Center of Excellence responsible for social media operations and governance
Social behaviors become a part of employees everyday workflow and job function

Let’s Evolve the Conversation About Employee Advocacy

This post was originally published on Michael Brito’s blog Britopian.

All of us, including me, have been saying this for years – companies need to empower their employees to engage externally in social media for a variety of reasons. I’ll name a few:

They are trusted as external spokespersons
It increases morale when employees feel empowered and trusted
Using social tools can increase productivity internally

I think it’s time to move beyond the “brands need to join the conversation” and that “they need to be transparent and open up the firewall for th…

Operationalize Your Content Marketing Strategy

This post was originally published on Michael Brito’s blog Britopian.

I read a lot of posts about content marketing. It’s really the heart of what we do at Edelman Digital.  We use content to grow communities, be more visible in search, engage with influencers and advocates and more importantly to change behaviors. Truth is, everything we do as communicators and marketers revolves around content across paid, earned and owned media channels. Content is the lifeline of the social ecosystem.

Much of what I have been reading online for several years now shows us the t…

Social Business Means Thinking Internally First

This post was originally posted on Michael Brito’s blog Britopian.

Too many think that social media is all about friends, fans and followers.  There is certainly some validity to this thinking because our minds have been trained to focus on outcomes. If done right, the output of smart social media initiatives like general community engagement, advocacy/influencer management, a Facebook sponsored story or a Promoted Tweet will be an increase in community growth. Yes, that’s a good thing, but there is so much more to it.

The problem arises when those who are in char…

HR’s Critical Role in Social Business Transformation

This post was originally published on Michael Brito’s blog Britopian.

Early in my career, I was never a fan of HR. I always thought of it as the Principal’s office – a place where I spent a lot of time in elementary school, middle school and yes, even a little in high school. After all, when a call came in from HR, usually someone was written up, put on probation and even terminated.

But when I think about how social media has affected the workplace today and of course maturing in my career, my view of HR has changed quite a bit. HR or OD (Organizational Developm…

The Importance of Social Business

This post was originally published on Business 2 Community.

Last month, MIT Sloan in collaboration with Deloitte released a study, “Social Business: What Are Companies Really Doing?” that highlights the growing importance of social business initiatives, among other things.

The majority of respondents (52%) believe that social business is important or somewhat important to their business operations. Roughly 86% of managers believe social business will be important or somewhat important in the next three years. Additionally, social business is viewed most often as a…

Social Business Enables Employee Advocacy

This post was originally published on Michael Brito’s blog Britopian.

I have been spending a lot of time thinking and writing about how social business enables organizations to achieve positive business outcomes. Here are a few previous posts:

Social Business Enables More Meaningful Customer Relationships
Social Business Enables Employee Innovation
Social Business Enables Better Marketing

I wanted to build on Dion Hinchcliffe’s very comprehensive post about accelerating social business using employee advocates. Dion’s post takes the angle that employee advoca…

Social Business Enables More Meaningful Customer Relationships

This post was originally posted on Michael Brito’s blog Britopian.

Much of the social business conversation revolves around the internal dynamics that make up an organization – culture, change management, technology adoption, process creation, etc.  This should certainly be the focus because social business is not social media. I just wrote a post last week about employee engagement and how social business can extract innovation from employees behind the firewall.

But many of these internal initiatives (as boring as it may seem) enable an organization to better communi…

Social Business Enables Employee Innovation

This post was originally posted on Michael Brito’s blog Britopian.

A few weeks ago, I presented the concept of social business at a conference in Orlando to a group of grocery retailers.  One retailer in particular told me that he had hired a team of Six Sigma experts to test and optimize new processes that will get customers through the checkout stands more quickly efficiently.  The problem they were facing was extreme growth and they did not have enough space to expand and build more checkout aisles. He also didn’t want to increase his overhead by hiring more cashiers.

Social Business In The B2B Ecosystem

This post was originally published on Social Business News.

I just watched this quick video (see below) by Sandy Carter from IBM about the value of using social in the B2B landscape. To recap, Sandy lists best practices for social business in B2B:

Embracing your B2B business partners with social can accelerate competitive advantage
Partners will feel a part of your business strategy
Leverage social by connecting your employees within the B2B ecosystem

Sandy then wraps up the video with a case study about Premier, an alliance of over 200 hospitals with a mission …

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