Health Digital Check-Up: Health Activists Ask for Company Involvement in Social Media

This just in… we’re still waiting for guidance from the FDA on social media. Actually, we AREN’T waiting. We can’t afford to wait. The fact is, the social media train has left the station, and we at Edelman have been actively working with our clients in the regulated space to help them navigate the medium without official guidance.

To add more fuel to the fire, WEGO Health has updated their original survey of their Health Activists (PDF) – presented at the November 2009 open hearing the FDA held – and their data supports the need for company participation and invo…

Health Digital Check-Up: What’s Going on at the FDA

Despite the Internet being around for quite some time, the FDA has never issued specific guidance to pharmaceutical companies on how they can communicate about and market their products online, instead stating that the existing guidelines for print and television should be applied. However, there is difficulty in interpretation: if providing the prescribing information on the back of a print ad is acceptable, is that equal to having the information one click away? Instead of official guidance and directives, we learn what is okay – and what doesn’t fly – through…

Health Digital Check-Up: The Future of Health

PSFK, a trends research and innovation company, recently prepared a report for Unicef titled “The Future of Health” in which they explore how advances in technology are impacting healthcare for the masses, particularly in less developed markets. PSFK also invited several leading advertising and design agencies to imagine solutions for healthcare in emerging countries by responding to a creative brief from Unicef that identified their key challenges.

The first half of the report details 15 trends that will impact health and wellness around the world, and the…

Health Digital Check-Up: The FDA Warns About Facebook Share

As we wait for the official word from the FDA on how the DDMAC guidelines should be applied to the digital space, we can learn how the FDA is interpreting the use of social media for promotional activities through their warning letters. Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (an Edelman client, though not for this particular promotion) recently received a warning letter that covered, among other infractions, the use of the Facebook Share widget on their product website for TASIGNA (nilotinib).

Our digital health team is well versed on the regulations pharmaceutic…

Health Digital Check-Up: Digital Clinical Trial Recruitment

Clinical trial recruitment requires targeted messaging to specific patients. The online space is ideal for reaching these kinds of audiences across geographies,. As a post from EyeOnFDA’s Mark Senak noted, YouTube provides one interesting method to reach them, but the digital medium goes well beyond the opportunity he discussed. In fact, it’s potentially really useful  for fast response since it can be easily updated as information changes.

Edelman has clinical trial recruitment experience, and our offerings include digital tactics.


Health Digital Check-Up: Issues Management & Social Media

When you experience bad service or a product doesn’t work like it should, which would you more likely do: call a company’s 800 number or vent through social media channels? Increasingly, people are turning to social media and complaints are no exception. Twitter has also been the source of breaking news, and a swell of complaints in microblogging can affect a company’s reputation.

Our issues management counsel to clients now includes digital and social media strategies and tactics, including those discussed here.


Monitoring the social me…

Health Digital Check-Up: Inspire

More than 80 million US adults use social media for health-related issues, creating or using content on health blogs, message boards, chat rooms, health social networks and health communities, and patient testimonials (Manhattan Research). While patients still go to a variety of sources online and off for information, social media has become a convenient channel for patients and caregivers to compare treatment experiences, share advice, and lend support.

Inspire is a moderated community, organized by therapeutic area, that provides opportunities for pharmaceut…

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