Friday5: Trends in Big Data

For some, insights from big data are the promise of super-smart nuggets of information ready to guide that one great strategy or one big idea. For others, they’re the same old pony dressed in new clothes and the chance to play with a shiny new toy. However one thinks, big data analytics are here to stay. Here are five thoughts from the Future Foundation’s conference on Big Data and Insight held in London last month.

1. V is for Value

Big data has, by-and-large, been described as data that is high volume (…

A Day In The Life: Romy, Account Executive, Seoul

This post was originally published on Edelman.com.

Name: Romy Shin

What is your title/practice? Account executive, Digital

How many people are in your office? There are roughly 70 people in the Seoul office. The Digital team now consists of 12 people and is still growing!

What does your job entail? I support our team in creating digital content. The Korean market is so small and well connected that everyone knows and follows the same cultural trends. So we make sure our content is always referencing the latest awesome TV show or hottest star of the week!

I …

Contextualizing Stories: Key Takeaways from xPotomac 2014

Context is key to successful storytelling, no matter the industry.

This was a core theme at the recent xPotomac conference – an intimate digital gathering in DC focused on the media technologies most likely to impact businesses and marketing.

It’s clear that our world is changing; wearable technology revenue is expected to hit $19 billion in the next four years; the sensors both on and around us are increasing exponentially, and 42 percent of online adults now use social media.  All of this leads to a treasure trove of actionable data that companies can use to persona…

Friday5: Five Ways to Inspire Action

The world is full of armchair advocates. We all know them. They’re the ones who click “Like” on your Facebook page, sign up for your email list or follow you on Twitter, but never actually do anything substantive after taking that initial action. When executing national advocacy campaigns, they’re the bane of any grassroots organizer’s existence – but they don’t have to be.

Getting these advocates mobilized is no easy task, but at Edelman we know a thing or two about converting that lazy advocate into a powerful voice for the client. Based on our experience, her…

Friday5: Is Your Competitor Using Paid?

It’s well-known that social media for brands—especially on Facebook—is now a pay-to-play platform. Only a small percentage of fans on Facebook will see a brand’s great content without paid support. Therefore, benchmarking your brand’s content performance against a competitor without understanding the impact of paid support can lead to a misguided Facebook strategy. Below are a few evaluations you can use to better understand if a competitor is using paid media, using Facebook as our primary example.

1. What is the Gap in Performance Between Top Posts vs. Average…

Friday5: A Play-By-Play Guide for Real-Time Content Creation

Edelman Digital played a large role in activating real-time social content during America’s Big Football Game this past weekend. From war rooms to real-time monitoring and reporting, we had a hand in key brands’ social conversations.

Joining the “social media bowl” was both challenging and rewarding, but most importantly, it made sense for our clients’ brands. Remember that not every brand should be present and active for every big cultural event – instead, brands must evaluate whether they have the right and the dedicated resources to play in the realm of real-tim…

Friday5: Trends from SMX Las Vegas

In late November we traveled to the SMX Social Media Marketing Conference in Las Vegas to get the latest on social media marketing from experts and join in on the discussion. Session topics ranged from boosting engagement to social analytics (see our thoughts on some free tools) to social media ads and more. Here are five presentations from the conference that offered some great insight and key takeaways.

1. Trend Visual: Where Social Media is Headed

Matt Siltala, president and founder of Avalaunch Media, kick…

Friday5: Global Viral Perspectives

“Viral” is the buzzword companies often want to hear, especially when it involves their content. We all know what it means to “go viral,” but why might something go viral in one region of the world and not another? Although the digital sphere is global, viral trends spike for different reasons in each region. In this week’s Friday5, five Edelman employees from around the world share their favorite viral trend of 2013 and why they think it went viral.

1. Matthew Hayles, Calgary

“Rob Ford. Toronto’…

Friday5: Embracing the Change in User Behavior

Last week, the Seattle Interactive Conference brought in an array of technology experts, brands and creative types to share their thoughts on the evolving digital landscape. “Change” was the resounding theme that echoed throughout the conference, emphasizing the shift in user behavior, as well as the importance of brand flexibility and transparency. Below are five key trends from the sessions:

1. Evolving Platforms

As technology evolves, brands must be flexible and willing to adapt. Tim Keck, cofounder of The Onion, spoke about platform shifts and how it relates…

Friday Five: Free Research Tools for Strategists

The most crucial piece of any strategy is first to understand the brand’s audience. Skipping that first step is the easiest—yet most avoidable—way that engagement will fall flat or even derail the entire campaign. But what if you don’t have (or even need) access to an enterprise-level research platform for the data you need to create audience insight? These five free research tools are some of the best for strategists to start with:

1. Governmental and Institutional Sources

But the audience is constant…

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