Does Social Business Lead to Social Betterness?

What has always interested me about social is its ability to democratize the relationship between a company and its customers. Social media provides the everyday consumer with easy touch points to the brands and businesses – some of them major corporations with thousands of employees – they love, while giving organizations the opportunity to create meaningful relationships with their most loyal advocates.

That is exciting to me, because it means that social has the potential to create mutually beneficial relationships on a macro and micro level. Obviously this has marketi…

An Influencer Approach to Stakeholder Engagement

Among the key insights that came out of Edelman’s 2012 Trust Barometer was a plan for how businesses can earn the license to lead, not just operate. In today’s environment, a focus on operative factors alone is not enough to win over a skeptical public. Companies have to broaden their vision and their language, taking on societal issues and practicing radical transparency. Shareholders are only part of the puzzle – engagement with all stakeholders is needed, and an effective social business plan is needed to get there.

Engaging Beyond the Customer

The results of…

Dads Prove to Be a Force for Social Good

As if it weren’t enough that dads are finally getting their own conference, or being recognized by popular parenting sites as being part of the parenting discussion, it also appears that dads are now able to mobilize as a serious force for social good.

As part of Movember, the annual charitable giving drive when men grow mustaches in order to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues, a team of dad bloggers and general fatherhood aficionados was assembled in order to harness the collective growing power – and social influence – of the group. The result has exc…

Friday Five: Resources for Dads Online


Making the transition to fatherhood can be difficult for many guys. Women seem to have a built-in support system that creates a well-worn path to motherhood. Guys, on the other hand, have a journey and a role mostly neglected by society.

This disconnect has been reflected online as well. But fathers are starting to realize this, and in recent years, men have been working hard to create resources online for other dads, both new to fatherhood and expert diaper changers. In honor of the Modern Media Man Summit happening in less than two weeks, this week’s Friday Five…

Modern Media Men: Assemble!


If you’re a woman interested in blogging and social media, you have your choice of events that cater specifically to you. But so far men have gotten the short end of the stick event-wise. Enter the Modern Media Man Summit.

The M3 Summit is an attempt to give men that space to learn and connect with other “media men” in a setting designed with us in mind. As a blogger and a father, I’ve been looking for an event such as this for quite some time. And with great speakers and an awesome lineup of sessions (including a meet and greet with Cal Ripken, Jr.), M3 pro…

Quick Hits: July 1

Mashable Live-Streams Social Media Day

Mashable’s Social Media Day, a day to “celebrate the revolution of media becoming social”, brought social media addicts together in meetups around the globe. How did they compensate for the time zone differences? By using Ustream to broadcast several of the meetups as they happened. Unfortunately, Chicago wasn’t one of the streams offered. What’s up, Mashable?

Twitter Moms Care for Content Over Coupons

An important study done by eMarketer that shows moms care about more than getting discounts. They wan…

Quick Hits: May 21

NBC Turns Television Into a Social Media Game

Fan It is an interesting new initiative by NBC that aims to tie social networking directly into its programming. In combination with myNBC, NBC’s online fan community, the program rewards users who converse around and promote – through Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and Foursquare integration – NBC shows. This kind of social integration into television should provide new information for NBC to know early which shows are building a passionate fanbase.

Foursquare Snags a Deal with The Today Show


End Predatory Blogger Programs

You may or may not have seen the post today by Liz Gumbinner of Mom-101 regarding mom bloggers working for free. If you haven’t already read it, I’d encourage you to do so. Liz makes some fantastic points about an emerging theme in the parenting blogger community: marketers don’t respect us enough to pay us for our time.

Recently influential bloggers such as Liz have become increasingly annoyed by advertising and PR firms asking bloggers to participate in programs – asking for placement of promotional banners, email blasts, social media promotion and the like …

Quick Hits: April 22

Google Places Tackles Location From the Search Angle

Google has renamed its Local Business Center to Places, and added a host of new features. Since many people use Google for location-based searches, it’ll be interesting to see how this competes with the growth of location-based social networks.

YouTube Introduces ‘Show & Tell’

YouTube is collecting an amazing source of the best marketing and advertising campaigns on its platform into one channel. Partnering with the Art Directors Club to curate content, Show & Tell will be a place for…

Dad Bloggers Deserve Respect

As the dad blogging community grows, the buzz around it is increasing. Since moms have shown themselves as a force in the blogosphere, speculation is emerging over whether dad bloggers will be a force in their own right.

I’ll go ahead and say it: dads are coming up, and brands need to understand how to engage the community successfully.

Being Daddy in a World of Mommies

First let’s put the modern-day dad in context. Dads who blog about fatherhood are by implication active in the lives of their children. As a father I can attest to the uncomfort…

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