Is Big Data Still Relevant?

We live in a data driven culture, but the concept of big data can be interpreted in many ways and is often used in reference to data capture, curation and storage. The need for greater access, data resources and integration has led to a shift in how we think about big data in its most traditional sense:

From Data Storage to Data Intelligence

A study by IDG Enterprise found that 70 percent of enterprise organizations already or plan to deploy big data solutions in 2014. While data infrastructure and storage were the primary areas of focus when the term became popular, there…

Takeaways from SXSW Interactive 2013

Austin’s South by Southwest (SXSW) is ripe for new technology, startups and the latest news from digital thought leaders. With all the converging streams of conversation and hype generated from this portion of festival, it’s hard to differentiate the signal from the noise.

Below are a handful of observational themes that emerged from conversations and sessions from SXSW Interactive this past weekend.

Social is inherent to all organizations

Social media integration is no longer an add-on to a campaign or tactical activation. Startups and businesses alike are inc…

Friday Five: The Social Media Bowl

Why It Matters, by Aniz Ruda

Social media has become the “talk track” to many live events, whether they are televised or occur halfway around the world, allowing the viewer to become a participant. It has kept us engaged on election results and sporting events like the 2012 Summer Olympics. With the “Big Game” upon us, there will be more to watch beyond San Francisco’s and Baltimore’s best on the field. Advertisers will be paying an average of $3.7 million to secure a spot for one of the most televised events of year. For ad buyers, the real game takes plac…

The Greatest Tweet Ever?

For provocateurs of social media data analysis, the most interesting trend on election night actually have happened after the race was called.

This post from @BarackObama set Twitter ablaze as the most retweeted tweet of all time and garnered much mainstream media attention the following morning.

As of 2pm November 13, 2012, the Tweet garnered more than 815,000 retweets.

We can take these numbers at face value, but the most salient questions should be, “Are these numbers good?” and “What does it mean?” and “How do you benchmark against these?”


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