Twitter is no stranger to scandals. Celebrities have always taken to the platform to connect with fans by giving us sneak peeks into their lives. However, for these celebrities in the spotlight, one tweet can cost them their daily bread and for the companies that they endorse, a spokesperson.

Enter the importance of social media training.

Every public relations professional knows the value of coaching paid spokespeople to ensure key messages are delivered with finesse and authenticity. So why wouldn’t the same apply to Twitter? Taking measures to guide spokespeople on social media etiquette may just save your campaign from a public relations nightmare and give you stronger engagement in the process.

Here are some ways to approach social media training.

  • Avoid ghostwriting. It’s easier (especially in a pinch) to write a tweet for someone else. However, these tweets can often sound artificial and defeat the point of authenticity on Twitter. Give your spokesperson a set of tools (’s, sample tweets and editorial calendar) so that key messages are being delivered, but are coming from his or her voice.
  • Get them invested. Spokespeople are often eager to learn about how to use social media more effectively. By teaching them a new way to engage with their network (Twitter interviews, Twitpics, etc.), they will be more invested in the platform and likely will post the type of content that will enhance your overall campaign more often.
  • Don’t miss opportunities. Pre-canned tweets are nice, but the real opportunity for engaging a spokesperson’s network, are in the form of timely messages. As the gatekeeper’s of brands’ online images, we often take the safe route by pushing out a set of approved tweets. Give your spokesperson a better chance of being nimble and acting fast on an engagement opportunity. If you go through social media training, this will be a huge asset for your campaign.

A little bit of education can go a long way.

What tips do you have for training spokespersons?

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