Dave Levy and I decided to mix things up this week to provide different perspectives on our respective weekly posts – you can expect a Health focused Friday Five from him later this week.

Consumers are becoming more open about their personal health with social media poised as the medium of choice for this gathering groundswell. Everything from chronic conditions to annual goals to insurance questions have found a home among virtual friends online. Today’s update reflects five places across many parts of the online world that you may not already be visiting for insight about healthcare.

The Go-To for Goals

Mamavation already has something in common with the last two segments on the list, it was founded by a survivor. Leah Segedie has lost 100 pounds since the birth of her son and she’s looking to help other moms follow suit. Mamavation’s focus is helping moms set healthy goals for their families while living by example.

Holistic Hotspot

Major health crises have a way of gifting perspective. At least that’s what happened for Kris Carr, the founder of Crazy Sexy Life. Carr was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2003, then turned her response to the diagnosis into a lifestyle movement among patients. While not everyone embraces holistic treatments in lieu of traditional medicine altogether, the site’s contributors have created a positive place for patients that focuses just as much on wellness as it does health.

Perspective on PPD

Postpartum Progress is a blog written by a survivor. Katherine Stone, the blog’s editor, gives other women dealing with postpartum depression an outlet to discuss their fears and share advice for coping. Stone’s blog was brought to light here by another blogger, Casey Mullins of Moosh in Indy, who has been frank about her own struggles with depression. Another worthwhile read is a post written by Casey’s husband with a spouse’s perspective on the disease.

A Blog Rx for RD’s

There’s no doubt that nutrition is a hot topic online but finding advice from licensed professionals online can be a challenge. The launch of the Nutrition Blog Network aims to make this search a little easier by collecting the blogs of registered dietitians in one online directory.

Dr. Mom

If you caught the Mother’s Day edition of the Friday Five, this last link may not come as a surprise. After spending a morning with the team from BabyCenter last week, I was moved to check out a few of their forums for questions and conversation surrounding health. I was not disappointed. For anyone interested in the questions, concerns and peer advice of new mothers, the BabyCenter Health & Wellness section is a must-read.

Have other spots you look to for health updates from peers?

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